Heyo! Just popping by with a guideline for a delish fried chicken sandwich because who doesn’t need one of those?

The day these sandwiches were created, I was kinda hungover and scheduled to hop a bus that would take me away to Portland and Seattle for a couple weeks. I really, really wanted some McDonald’s but I didn’t want to actually put McDonald’s into my body, you know? So I made something that smelled and felt and sort of looked like a McChicken without actually being a McChicken.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

What you’ll need to make these puppies:

– Chicken breasts, butterflied (one butterfly per sandwich)
– Buttermilk
– Romaine lettuce
– Mayo or greek yogurt (I used a mix of both)
– All-purpose flour
– Some dried herbs and spices
– Butter (about 2 tbsp per sandwich)
– Your favourite hot sauce
– Brioche buns
– Oil, for frying
– A deep-fry thermometer

And you’re set to go! Brioche buns are obviously not mandatory but they add a subtle sweetness that’ll take your sammie all the way to the next level.

Okay, go:

Prep your chicken. Place your butterflied chicken breasts in a shallow bowl and pour buttermilk over until they’re just about covered. Cover your bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate like this for a couple hours, just to brine the chicken and get it all nice and juicy how we like it.

Prep your dredge. I didn’t use any measurements for this, I just eyeballed how much flour I thought I’d need to properly coat all my chicken. Grab another shallow dish and add your desired herbs and spices to the flour, stirring to combine. I used a mixture of dried thyme, garlic powder, paprika, black pepper, salt, and lastly, a bit of nutmeg cuz I put that shit in everything.

Prep your butter. Melt in small saucepan and let it get all bubbly for a bit. Remove from heat and stir in hot sauce. It’s up to you how much kick you want!

Prep your ruffage. Shred your lettuce and toss it in a bowl with enough mayo/yogurt to get it all sloppy and drippy. Season with some salt and pepper, plus a bit of lemon juice if you’re feeling it.

Time to fry! Pour your oil into a large heavy skillet to a depth of about half an inch and set up your deep-fry thermometer. Heat over medium heat until your thermometer reaches 350°. Remove chicken from brine (don’t discard!) and pat dry. Lightly coat chicken in the flour mixture, then back for another dunk in the brine, then back to the flour, then into the hot oil! Fry chicken until it’s all deeply golden on both sides and there’s no more pink on the inside.

Assemble. Brush both sides of each brioche bun with some of the spicy butter, and then pile some of the lettuce mixture onto the bottom buns. Slap a piece of your glorious fried chicken on there and sandwich everything together.

Hangover? Obliterated. Vacay? Ready.


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